Power for your Adventure


Level 1

Enough power for a few lights, cellphones, fan, and a laptop.

  • Small inverter/charger (600w?)
  • Small battery (100ah or 1.2kwh)
  • Small solar (250 watt)

Level 2

Add an efficient DC fridge, furnace blower, water pump

  • Small inverter/charger
  • Medium Battery 200ah or 2.4kwh
  • Medium solar 500w

Level 3

Add Induction Cooktop (low wattage)/microwave

  • Medium inverter 1250w
  • Medium battery 200ah
  • Medium solar

Level 4

High Power Usage, Solar Max, microwave, power tools, inefficient fridge, ect

  • Large inverter 2500W
  • Large battery 400ah or 4.8 kwh
  • Large solar 900W (or area dependent)

Add Ons:

  • More battery capacity (increase days with poor solar/higher loads)
  • DC/DC Battery Relay
    • Connects engine battery to “house” batteries, Charge while driving/running to top off on the go
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